Construction Safety Products

Safety First, We’ve Got You Covered


Hand Protection (Gloves)

We stock all kinds of options to protect your hands on the job. Our Glove options include:

  • 8 Second glove
  • Framed
  • Grunt
  • Handler
  • Option Lines


Eye Protection (Safety Glasses)

Our assortment of safety glasses are not only stylish but come available in tinted and polarized versions. J&W Lumber is committed to safety and offers this large selection of eyewear so you can stay safe.

Our selection includes: Alias, Bold, Quest and Sectorlite styles. Alias and Bold are available in polarized versions.


Knee Protection (pads)

J&W stocks the full line of knee pads from Lift Safety. These pads include:

Apex Gel, Pivitol 2, and Factor pads

Hearing Protection (Ear Plugs)


Flange Ear Plugs


Foam Ear Plugs

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