Safety Products

Construction Safety Products

Safety First, We've Got You Covered

Hand Protection (Gloves)

We stock all kinds of options to protect your hands on the job. Our Glove options include:

  • 8 Second glove
  • Framed
  • Grunt
  • Handler
  • Option Lines

Eye Protection (Safety Glasses)

Our assortment of safety glasses are not only stylish but come available in tinted and polarized versions. J&W Lumber is committed to safety and offers this large selection of eyewear so you can stay safe.

Our selection includes: Alias, Bold, Quest and Sectorlite styles. Alias and Bold are available in polarized versions.

Knee Protection (pads)

J&W stocks the full line of knee pads from Lift Safety. These pads include:

Apex Gel, Pivitol 2, and Factor pads

Hearing Protection (Ear Plugs)

Flange Ear Plugs

Foam Ear Plugs

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