Landscape Lighting Options

Let There be Light It’s always sunny in Southern California. When the sun goes down each night, we start to miss it. The night sky is beautiful – especially on a clear evening – but it shades the natural beauty around us. It also makes it difficult to entertain guests outdoors in the dark! Thanks […]


In Southern California, we love the outdoors. With a near-perfect climate and 300-plus days of sun, there is ample opportunity to spend time outside of our homes. But we also love the comfort of home – camping in the woods or desert is great, but you probably don’t want to do it every day. A […]


You know that slab of concrete in your back yard? The one that just sits there, looking bare and almost begging to be torn up? One of these days, you swear, you’ll get around to renting that jackhammer and tearing the whole thing up. Is that what you’re thinking? If so, you’re looking at it […]


There’s just something satisfying about lumber. Humans have been using it for shelters, homes, furniture, weapons, tools, fuel and paper throughout the history of civilization. Even though we have developed countless new materials for these purposes, our relationship with wood remains solid (pun intended). Perhaps it’s because wood connects us to the beauty of nature, […]