Retail Lumber Yard For Homeowners & DIY

Proudly Serving Homeowners

Homeowners who are seeking to purchase outdoor building materials have a variety of specific needs. At J&W Lumber we’re equipped to handle them all. We provide an exceptional level of customer service, whether someone is an experienced do-it-yourselfer (DIY) or a novice embarking on a maiden project.

We especially enjoy educating homeowners on the different components of their projects, focusing on getting them comfortable with the process and helping them speak like an expert. We discuss product choices with homeowners and if applicable, arm them with questions to ask a contractor —and we even offer contractor referrals.

Homeowners benefit from the same high level of attention and service we offer our professional customers, which includes:

  • Easy in and out. We build and stage orders so all homeowners need to do is back up their vehicles to the rack to be loaded.
  • Free custom design. Our design team will create a 3D model of projects for homeowners who purchase their materials from us.
  • Onsite custom milling. We can make patterns and cuts to match project specifications at all of our six locations. Also we can custom pattern match for homeowners seeking to match existing siding (even on very old homes).

In addition, for homeowners and DIY who qualify, we offer financing from Synchrony. We want to do everything we can to help homeowners’ dreams become reality.