Landscaping Materials

Landscaping Materials

Revitalize Your Outdoor Space with Beautiful Landscaping

Landscaping can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like to make it, but it does take a few core materials to help you design and secure your specific look. J&W Lumber offers many material options for building retaining walls, edging a flower bed, or controlling weeds.

Using our landscaping materials is a great way to enhance your yard, add more space, or divide it up. Choose from various wood types and landscaping accessories; we have choices that are sure to fit any style and budget.

Wood Types and Styles for Landscaping

No two landscaping projects are exactly the same. There are various choices of woods and styles that can spark your outdoor design ideas and allow you to create something unique.

Whether you want to transform your backyard, spruce up your home’s curb appeal, or a combination of the two, we’ll supply you with what you need to bring your vision to life. You can instantly transform the look and feel you want for your space and continue to add to it in the coming years.

Railroad Ties

When you want to build a retaining wall with a rustic appeal, used railroad ties create a solid framework. They are available in two grades (#1 and Premium) and come in 8′ and 6′ lengths.

These are best for non-structural landscape projects for decorative planting. They should not be used near edible plants, fruits, or vegetables as the wood has been treated with chemicals to prevent rotting.

Pecky Cedar

Our pecky landscape timbers have the natural decay resistance of Incense Cedar. These timbers are durable and perfectly suited for your next landscaping or garden project.

And, unlike pressure-treated or injected timbers, they are completely free of man-made chemicals, which makes them a great choice for vegetable beds.

Pressure Treated Lumber

We offer ground contact (.40-.60 ACQ) rated pressure-treated Douglas Fir and Hem Fir materials. We stock lumber that ranges from landscape grade 6×6 to construction grade 2×12.

These wood types are also highly resistant to insects and decay, and are a cost-effective alternative for your retaining wall needs. This lumber is in stock every day and is available in the following sizes: 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×12, 4×4, 4×6, 4×8, 6×6, 6×8, 6X12.


Zen Garden Trellis

The easiest way to add flair to your garden or entryway, the Zen Trellis is 100% hand made to order. You choose your lumber: Redwood, Cedar or Douglas Fir and we will craft your trellis. There is no hardware on a Zen Trellis; all joints are mortise and tenon- staying true to traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Best of all, the Zen Trellis comes pre stained to the color of your choosing. Simple to install and even more simple to order, this trellis isn’t just an arbor for vines to climb; this is a piece of art.

Rolled Wire

J&W stocks multiple sizes of welded wire and hardware cloth. The welded wire has 2″x4″ openings and is available in various heights; the hardware cloth has 1/2″ openings and also has varied height options, the hardware cloth can also be ordered coated. Rolled wire has a variety of uses including keeping critters out of gardens, animal enclosures and along fence lines.

Lodge Poles

Lodge poles have a variety of uses from hitching posts to palapas and the ones we stock here are always treated Pine; which is the best quality you can find in the industry.

They can also be used for decorative purposes for your landscaping project when building a walkway or garden bed. The long-lasting durability and versatility of lodge poles allow for several uses depending on your desired design.


Redwood is a naturally beautiful, untreated choice for retaining wall materials. This long-lasting material is available in several grades and textures. Plus, for homeowners already drawn to redwood for use with other outdoor projects, choosing the same material for landscaping delivers a streamlined look.

J&W’s most affordable landscape grade redwood is a merch grade heart redwood that is mostly made up of decay-resistant heartwood, which makes it a great product for retaining walls and garden boxes.

Redwood Bender Board

Redwood Bender Board is a great edging product that is easy to work with and can bend to most garden shapes. J&W Lumber stocks redwood bender boards in several widths, thicknesses, and lengths, which can pretty much guarantee we have the board you need to get the job done!

We also have Redwood Stakes available that can also be used for edging projects. The strength, sustainability, and appearance of the wood make either option an optimal one when building out your landscaping layout.

Epic Bend-a-Board (plastic bender board)

Bend-a-Boards are available in 1×4, 2×4, or 20′ lengths. It’s versatile and easy to install for non-structural uses.

Plus, since the materials are not wood-based, they won’t rot or splinter. Also, the flexibility of the material allows you to get creative with edging for all types and sizes of landscape projects.

Power Poles

The placement of your outdoor plants is important. You want to make sure they’re situated where they can receive enough sun, water, and shade, and there’s easy access to sprinkler systems and lighting as the plan calls for.

Need a way to get temporary or permanent power sent to a structure? J&W Lumber can special order these as needed.

Keeping Your Landscaping Looking Nice

Once your landscaping project is complete, you’ll want to preserve its appearance from weeds and ground critters which can destroy your plants. Protect your hard work by using weed barriers and hardware cloths to keep your plants intact and in good condition.

Dewitt 20 Year Weed Barrier

DeWitt Weed-Barrier® 20 Year is a lightweight polypropylene fabric. The woven and reinforced fiber in the fabric helps control the moisture and keeps the fabric in place even on a sloped area. The colored stripes are 12 inches apart, which makes planting easier.

It’s an industry-best choice for professional and commercial cost-efficient projects, which includes the consumer who seeks products of professional grade. It’s a durable and effective product necessary to keep weeds from sprouting.

Hardware Cloth

There are two types of hardware cloth, one to prevent weeds and one to prevent critters. The vinyl-coated steel barrier is primarily used for garden boxes to keep out pests of all kinds. This can be cut by the foot so it’s easy to get only the amount you need without too much waste.

Zen Garden Arbor

To enhance your landscaping, you can build a patio cover using one of J&W Lumber’s Zen Garden Arbor kits. The lumber is hand-milled by a craftsman local to North County and only takes a two-week lead time for the order to be ready. Make your yard a peaceful respite with the addition of a Zen Garden Arbor.

Landscaping gives your outdoor space new life and adds to the personality of your home. Whether you want to start with a small flower garden or go big with a full front-to-back landscaping design, we have what you need to get started.

Contact your local J&W Lumber store for our current availability of materials or stop by today and see what we have in stock.