Hardwood Decking

Hardwood Decking

The beauty of hardwood decking is it can instantly transform your backyard, making it a central place for outdoor relaxation and outdoor entertaining. And with several wood species to choose from, you can easily tailor the design to the specific aesthetic you want to achieve.

Benefits of Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decking is known for its long, durable lifespan. It can weather various seasonal elements while still maintaining its structural integrity.

Also, depending on the appearance you want, there’s a little less maintenance involved with hardwood decking versus softwood options. Staining is always an option, but if you want to let it naturally develop a patina, the decking will last untreated.

Here are some of the varieties of hardwood decking J&W Lumber carries in stock, while other sizes and types are available by special order.



IPE (pronounced “ee-pay”) is referred to as an “iron wood” for a reason. It’s among the hardest woods in the world, which means it’ll stand up to the harshest weather conditions, as well as everyday use, while maintaining its natural appeal.

It’s a consistent customer favorite, particularly when installing hardwood decking for modern homes. With IPE, there are minimal knots, if any, to create a clean, coastal look. Additionally, it has a Class A fire rating and is plentifully grown throughout the southern part of Central America. J&W Lumber is committed to the environment and all IPE in stock is harvested from professionally managed sustainable forests.

Red Balau

Red Balau offers many of the same attributes as IPE. Also known for its board durability, the deep red wood offers richness and warmth for a luxurious look and feel. Meanwhile, the wood’s extreme hardness is able to maintain its appearance for the long-term.

Sometimes referenced interchangeably with Mangaris Red, which is a specific wood produced from the Red Balau species, J&W Lumber stocks 1×6 hardwood decking boards every day. Other sizes can be special ordered, and customization is available  through our onsite milling service.


As with other harwood species, Garapa is also highly durable and sustainable. In contrast to the darker tones of IPE and Red Balau, it delivers a warm, golden tone for those wanting a lighter, more classic appearance.

Borneo Mahogany

When looking for an upscale hardwood option at a more affordable price, Borneo Mahogany is a go-to selection. With lasting appeal and performance, this type of hardwood decking is always on trend.

Decking Accessories

Typically, for hardwoods, stainless steel screws are preferable versus the standard wood screws used for softwoods. It’s best to pre-drill holes in the lumber, and there’s a plug system to hide the appearance of the screws for a flush, streamlined look.

Build Your Dream Deck

Life is better with a deck. Create a special place that expands the use and comfort of your home.

With various hardwood decking choices and designs to consider, you can set the foundation for your backyard. Then, it’s up to your imagination and creativity to create exactly what you want your outdoor oasis to be.