Traditional Wood Trim

Traditional Wood Trim

Exterior Wood Trim

J&W Lumber has the lumber you need to trim out your siding project. Trim and Fascia are available in Douglas Fir, Redwood, and Western Red Cedar. If you are looking to match an existing profile we can get it done for you. If it needs to be a special size or texture we can mill it for you.

Douglas Fir

Doug Fir is one of the most widely used of all the exterior wood trim materials. Doug Fir is affordable and has a minimal number of knots which are usually tight and don’t fall out.


Redwood is a great wood trim. Its natural weather-resistant qualities make it perfect for any exterior trim work. It’s strong, straight, and has an ambient quality that adds character and value to your home.

Western Red Cedar

Cedar rivals redwood in weather and insect deterrents. It is rot resistant and remains stable over the lifetime of the home. It is much lighter than any other trim wood, has extremely straight grain, and needs little or no maintenance.

Primed Fascia

Primed fascia boards are available in 2×6 and 2×8 (the most common sizes in house fascia). Primed boards make it easy to paint because in most applications one coat of paint should do the job.

Specialty Wood Trim Products

Boards are made of real wood, finger jointed and coated with three coats of acrylic latex primer. All boards are protected by a 30-year warranty against rot, insects, and mold. WindsorONE+ Protected Boards can be used for both interior and exterior use. The back of all WindsorONE+ Protected boards contain an ink stamp (“WindsorONE+ Protected”).

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