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Building a raised garden box is an easy way to expand the use of your backyard. With affordable garden box kits available in several different sizes, they are simple to install and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Whether it’s growing a vegetable garden, planting flowers, or a combination of the two, it’s a DIY project anyone can take on.

There are two types of raised garden boxes to choose from, one with and without legs, both of which are affordable and come with all the materials you need to get started.

Benefits of a Raised Garden Box Kit

Building a raised garden box gives you more control over your plants and allows you to group them by what you want to grow. It also gives you room to start small and add to your garden over time.

A raised garden box kit includes all the various sizes of lumber and materials you’ll need to put it together. Regardless of whether you have a large backyard or a smaller patio area, you can customize the size to fit your outdoor space. It instantly boosts the aesthetic while also providing a place to plant all the fruits, vegetables, and flowers you’d like.

Another advantage of a raised garden box kit is it helps with pest control. In addition to the lumber and hardware needed for construction, it comes with garden box accessories, as previously mentioned, to place beneath the soil. This keeps critters from disrupting the soil and ruining your plants.

Also, building a raised garden box helps with water control, allowing proper drainage so the roots get enough water but not so much they become waterlogged. This helps to maintain the soil’s moisture to grow healthy vegetation while also reducing the chance of overwatering.

Where to Set Up Your Raised Garden Box

Most plants require ample sunlight for several hours throughout the day. Make sure your garden box is positioned in an area that won’t block the sun.

However, some plants like lettuce or other dark, leafy greens don’t require as much sunlight, so you will want to position those plants accordingly. Fortunately, the versatility of the kits means you can build them wherever will promote a healthy harvest. Having a garden box nearby filled with herbs and vegetables makes it perfect when preparing meals.

Get Your Raised Garden Box Kit Today

At J&W Lumber, we have the materials you need to get your garden started. Choose a kit size to fit your vegetation and outdoor space needs and see the instant difference it makes to your backyard.

It doesn’t take a lot to grow a full bounty, and with a raised garden box, you’ll soon add an organic visual appeal to your home. We have all the lumber and hardware you need in stock every day. Stop by your local J&W Lumber store or shop online today.

GroGreen Garden Box Kit

The GroGreen Garden Box is the perfect raised garden bed for starting your own vegetable garden. Our well-designed, 100% redwood garden box will not only last for years, but looks terrific in any yard or patio. It is 12″ tall and available in 2’x4′, 2’x6′, 4’x4′, 4’x6′ and 4’x8′. All sizes are available for immediate pick up in-store, through delivery, or with online orders.

Garden Box Instructions (4’x8’x12″)   Buy Online

GroGreen Garden Box with optional Leg Kit

Taking your garden to new heights (and saving your back in the process) is why the GroGreen Garden Box kit with Legs was designed. It also helps to weed out garden pests so you can enjoy growing your own flowers or vegetables like never before. Adding a leg kit to our raised garden box will bring the box height to 30″. From there you have the option of accessories to further protect your plants, as well as a variety of wood stains to protect and preserve the wood.

Rustic Garden Box

Our Rough and Rustic Garden Boxes are constructed with 2×12 Rough Heart Redwood and securely joined at the corners by redwood 4×4’s, giving the box superior strength and longevity. We include all the hardware to assemble and also include wire mesh for under the soil to keep gophers out. The rustic box can be made any size and can be assembled in a matter of minutes. See store for details.

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Garden Box Accessories

J&W Lumber has what you need to complete your garden box project. Accessories like weed fabrics and hardware cloths help to protect your plants and preserve the box structure. Keep your garden intact and looking beautiful with a few additional items.

Weed Fabric

The original DeWitt Weed-Barrier® 20 Year is the best in the industry. This fabric can be used to line the GrowGreen Garden Box to safeguard the box and allow for water drainage. It’s sold by the foot so you only pay for what you need.

Hardware Cloth

This vinyl-coated welded steel barrier helps to keep gophers and groundhogs from burrowing into your plants. It can also double as a great-looking fence around your box and keeps other pests out as well. We cut this by the foot so there will be no waste.