Redwood Lumber

Redwood Lumber for nearly 60 years


Why Redwood Lumber?

Redwood is one of California’s biggest renewable resource and J&W Lumber is your redwood expert.
It’s a great choice for so many other reasons too:

  • It’s beautiful, natural, and durable
  • It’s structural, rot, and termite resistant and easy to maintain
  • One of the most stable woods on the market – redwood is resistant to checking and warping
  • It’s easy and inexpensive to restore redwoods original natural beauty even after years of use
  • Redwood structures and applications can increase your home’s value
  • Can be used for and meets many of the fire codes in California, including in the Wild Urban Interface areas

J&W Lumber (aka J&W Redwood) has been San Diego’s Redwood Experts for over 50 years. We stock several grades in either Kiln Dried, Air Seasoned or green. Redwood lumber can be milled it to satisfy virtually any need.

J&W Lumber stocks:

Rough Construction Common, Rough Merchantable grade, Surfaced Construction Common, Surfaced Selected Con Common and Surfaced B-Grade. We stock redwood decking, siding, fence boards, and redwood for all your backyard projects.

Sizes include but are not limited to: 1×2-1×12, 2×2-2×12, 4×4-4×12, 6×6- 6×12 with more sizes available to order.