For Your Viewing Pleasure: Deck Railings

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Deck Railings

There’s nothing quite like gazing into nature. We are drawn to the outdoors, even when we’re indoors. That’s why we’re willing to pay a premium for a hotel room “with a view,” and even more so for a home with a view.

If you are lucky enough to have a great view in your home, you want to do everything you can to optimize it. In many homes, the deck is the best place to take in nature. To ensure you get the best possible optical experience from your deck, you need to consider the railings.

Deck railings can partially block your view, but they are necessary and required by law. Exact codes may vary from township to township, but the general rule for deck railings states that patios and second story decks must have rails at least 42” high. Stairs leading up to your deck must have railings at least 36” high. These railing heights won’t block your view while you’re standing up, but your deck is for lounging and relaxing. You want to be able to take in the view while you recline in that Adirondack chair with an ice-cold drink. Standard railings, which can block a large portion of your view, may not be right for you. Fear not – there are a variety of deck railing options.

Cable Railing

The best option for deck railings that won’t spoil your view is cable railing. While the posts and top rails are similar to standard deck railings, the interior is comprised of thin (but strong) cables in place of what would normally be slats. These cables create a visual opening that allows for an almost perfectly clear view from any portion of the deck.

Built with stainless steel tensioners and cables that will retain a fresh, new look for decades, cable railing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for not only those who want to preserve their view, but for any homeowner looking for a modern style for their deck. Cable railing can work for virtually any type of post material, from wood to stainless steel to composite materials like vinyl. Atlantis Cable Railing offers a variety of rail systems to fit virtually any style home, and any preference, including:

Wood Posts: The Atlantis RailEasy cable railing system combines the natural beauty of wood posts with view-friendly cables. The combination has a unique and modern style that will match any type of home, from an ocean front villa to a country ranch.

Stainless Steel: The Atlantis SunRail Nautilus offers a fully stainless steel construction that gives any home a modern and sophisticated look. Sturdy and long lasting, SunRail Nautilus railing systems are perfect for everything from homes to swanky hotels.

Steel and Wood: For those who want a combination of the classic beauty of natural wood and the modern sleekness of stainless steel, the Atlantis SunRail Latitude features stainless steel posts with a top mounting plate for wood handrails (not included). Homeowners can choose their own wood type to match their personal and home style.

Build Your Own

Installing cable deck railing is a relatively simple affair, making it easy for homeowners with a little project experience to create their own custom versions of cable railing. If you have an existing deck rail and simply want to replace the slats with cables, the cable system is easy to install – regardless of whether you have wood, metal or even composite materials. If you haven’t installed deck railing before, we suggest working with a decking contractor to ensure it’s done properly and safely.

If you are thinking about building a new deck, or simply creating a better view for your new or existing home, investigate your deck railing options to find the right solution for you.

Ready to get started on a new deck or new deck railing for your house? Contact the decking experts at your local J&W Lumber store.

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