Deck Lighting

Illuminating Your Deck

Trex Deck Lighting Solutions



Post Cap Light

Post Cap Lights provide a welcoming, downward glow and come in an array of colors that perfectly complement Trex railing.


Deck Rail Light

Residing directly on the rail, these indirect lights illuminate the beautiful deck beneath them.


Stair Riser Light

Stair lights are installed into the step risers and provide durability and safety for years of passing foot traffic.


Recessed Deck Light

Efficient and subtle, these dot lights install flush on the deck boards – or onto most other materials – to cleanly light the way to your deck.

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TimberTech Deck Lighting Solutions


Post Cap Light Module

The Post Cap Light invites guests by generating a subtle glow around TimberTech RadianceRail or RadianceRail Express Post Caps (the post caps are sold separately.


Riser Light

Featuring subtle illumination and added deck safety, the Riser light is available in Architectural Bronze.


Accent Light

Producing an aura of delicate downward light, the Accent light is designed to be placed on Posts or between Balusters. Used on transition posts or near stairs, the Accent light provides additional visibility at night. Available in Architectural Bronze and White.


Under-Rail Light

Hidden in the underside of the top rail, the Under-Rail Light creates subtle downward illumination.


In-Deck Light

In-Deck lighting is mounted to the deck surface to create an ambient glow. Available in Architectural Bronze.

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Fiberon Deck Lighting Solutions


Post Cap Light

  • Fits over a 4″ x 4″ post sleeve.
  • Acrylic lens shines a soft, warm light
  • Economical one watt of electricity use
  • Available in an unlit version


Post Sleeve Light

  • Light is 3 1/2 inches in diameter
  • Illuminates down the post
  • Ideal for lighting stairways
  • Economical one watt of electricity use


Riser Light

  • Face plate is 2-3/4″ x 4-1/2″
  • Lens is 1-1/8″ x 3″
  • Fits in a 1-1/2″ x 4″ rectangular cutout


Accent Light

  • 1″ diameter
  • Each light uses and economical .35 watts of electricity
  • Installs flush with board
  • Increases safety without railing by creating better visibility

Highpoint Deck Lighting Solutions

The “highpoint” of your custom deck is the perfect illumination system. Highpoint has spent more than a decade creating soft, inviting light and beautiful ambiance that adds comfort, style and relaxation to your outdoor living space. Combining innovation and beauty in every piece in their collection, your new deck will be admired for years to come with the wide choice in stylish, unique lighting.

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highpoint-railing-fixture2  Railing Fixtures

highpoint-post-cap-light2  Post Caps

highpoint-mini-led2  Mini LEDs

highpoint-deck-step-light2  Deck Step Lights

highpoint-brick-light2  Brick Lights

highpoint-lighting-kit2  Lighting Kits

Atlantis Deck Lighting Solutions


Micro Star™ LED Light

The smallest self-contained LED currently on the market is the Micro Star™ LED Light.  Featuring availability in 12v, each light draws a mere .02 amps and each bulb has a dependable, long life cycle of 25,000 hours.


Micro Star™ LED Post Cap

Sporting four extra-bright LED lights in each corner, the Micro Star™ post cap provides excellent lighting for walkways and steps. Fitting perfectly over a standard 4″ x 4″ vinyl sleeve makes installation easy and uniform.


RailEasy™ Post Cap 18W

Providing a bright 18 watt light source, Atlantis Rail offers this excellent choice especially for walkways and stairs. Lighting only to a 12v power source, it fits a standard 4″ post.

Deckorators Deck Lighting Solutions


Low Voltage Lighting Clip System

The newest line of low-voltage illumination products from Deckorators® boasts a straightforward clip system to make the installation of your lighting system quick and simple. The clip of each component plugs simply and directly into a junction box.


Low Voltage Lighting Pierce System

Featuring the latest, most energy-efficient LED lights, Deckorators® line of low voltage accent lighting is sure to be a beautiful addition to your outdoor living area. All fixtures connect to a standard 12 volt power supply, making installation hassle-free.


Decorative Post & Stair Lights

Decorative post and stair lights add ambiance, beauty, and safety to your deck and stairs.


Solar Post Caps

Available in timeless metal finishes, VersaCaps™ and hand-crafted glass motifs, solar post caps illuminate your outdoor living area day and night.

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Aurora Deck Lighting Solutions


Post Lighting

Classically designed Titan post lights boast a multi-faceted rectangular design that are available in both low and line voltage.


Recess Lighting

Recessed neatly into the deck board, 10 energy efficient LEDs illuminate the pathway and deck. Easy installation and a wireless remote make this lighting system a perfect choice.


Rail and Step Lighting

Odyssey lights shine down from under just about any surface – steps, deck rails, patio covers, soffits, gazebos and even the underside of a deck – to create a dramatic, shining effect for your outdoor living area. The tiny LED lights shine forth from their chain with a 120 degree radius, putting out a beam sure to highlight your deck with style and beauty.

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Dekor Deck Lighting Solutions


Millennium Outdoor Lighting

The Millennium Collection fromDEKOR™ takes mood lighting to a whole new dimension with small yet powerful low voltage LED lights that offer function and style. Perfect for landscape lighting, decks, docks, steps, patios, and gardens. Dock lights and marine lighting.


Illuminations Baluster Lighting

From dramatic to decorative, indoors or out, our patented Illuminations balusters create high style. Light the way or simply set the mood with these easy-to-install, top quality aluminum balusters that feature attractive LED lights in designer baskets or classy collar designs.


Perfect Glass Panels

Enjoy unobstructed views while adding striking architectural detail to your deck, balcony, porch, or patio. Our glass panels are the best glass railings on the market, and with the stylish option of LED illumination, they are a pretty popular choice wherever you want to preserve your view.

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