TruGrain – Resysta Decking

Made from Natural Materials









Resysta – the tropical wood alternative that surpasses nature’s best. Made of material that is weather-, pest- and fungal decay-resistant, Resysta is also splinter-, swell-, and crack-free. Requiring minimal maintenance, Resysta decking is slip resistant and available in a wide choice of shapes and colors. For all the reasons above and more, Resysta decking is your number one choice for areas exposed to weather or humidity.

Resysta Decking Advantages:


  • Staining and sealing is a breeze due to Resysta’s polar properties, which result in perfect adherence to the surface
  • Since Resysta does not absorb water, flaking of the stain or sealer doesn’t occur
  • Surface remains true to color and doesn’t fade, even years into the future
  • High resistance to screw withdrawal
  • Extremely durable against fungal decay
  • Skid and slip resistant
  • Low maintenance paired with exceptional beauty
  • Very low expansion and contraction

In keeping with the commitment to the environment, Resysta offers eco-friendly stains, available in many colors, to provide additional care and protection for your new deck. There is a variation of decking profiles and installation methods to fit every customer’s need, design and requirements.

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Don’t Forget:

Diablo Trex Composite Blade

When cutting composite decking materials, the recommended blade is Diablo’s TrexBlade. The Diablo Trex Composite Blade delivers maximum performance and the highest quality of finish. It is a deck ‘must-have’ tool for both professionals and homeowners planning composite decking projects. The new saw blade line has a modified triple chip tool grind design as well as  Diablo’s Perma-SHIELD® non-stick coating, and specific TiCo™ Hi-Density carbide which combine to deliver more efficient and cleaner cuts with no swirl marks and a dependably longer cutting life.


4″ Tamko Tape

A flexible self-adhering rubberized asphalt sheet membrane, Tamko Tape is the perfect adhesive that contains a clear polymer film that resists UV degradation and has a removable silicone-treated release film. To extend the life of your deck and prevent squeaking while walking on it, TW Moisture Wrap is an ideal solution.