Western Red Cedar Decking

Real Wood Real Beauty

A deck made with Western Red Cedar, one of the world’s most beautiful woods, is apt to be one of the best looking decks in the neighborhood. However, Western Red Cedar decks have much more going for them than aesthetics alone. Extending living space to the outdoors, integrating home and landscape, making use of damp or uneven terrain and giving a contemporary look to a traditionally-styled home are just a few of the ways that decks make life a little better.

Once the decision has been made to build a deck, the choice of decking material is just as important as creative design and quality construction. In today’s environmentally conscious society, the natural choice is Western Red Cedar decking.


C & Better Decking

C & Better Decking is a grade of Western Red Cedar which combines stability, durability, and sophistication with a clean appearance guaranteed to please the most discriminating homeowner. The surface of C & Better grade highlights the wood’s natural beauty in its finely machined surface.

Tight Knotty Decking

western-red-cedar-smoothNatural beauty and lasting charm is evident in tight knotty decking. A well-manufactured, durable decking, it comes ready to use and meets the highest expectations of discerning buyers. The ideal deck surface is obtained with the smooth, skip-free dressing over the surface. Tight knotty decking is the top choice for quality and rustic beauty.

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Don’t Forget:

CAMO Hidden Fastening System

CAMO deck screws and CAMO Marksman tool (sold separately) combine to provide the CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening System which gives your new deck a fastener-free surface. The System works on any treated lumber, cedar, hardwood, or PVC deck board and provides a custom look for Redwood and Cedar decks. Available coverage in 100, 200 and 500 square foot boxes.


4″ Tamko Tape

A flexible self-adhering rubberized asphalt sheet membrane, Tamko Tape is the perfect adhesive that contains a clear polymer film that resists UV degradation and has a removable silicone-treated release film. To extend the life of your deck and prevent squeaking while walking on it, TW Moisture Wrap is an ideal solution.