Gate Hardware

Hardware for your Gate


National Hardware Gate Supplies

We stock a large assortment of basic hinges, latches, and gate accessories from this trusted name in hardware.

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national-hardware-gate-springs  Gate Springs

national-hardware-gate-hinges  Gate Hinges

national-hardware-gate-latches  Gate Latches

national-hardware-cane-bolts  Cane Bolts

national-hardware-polymer-gate-latches  Polymer Latches & Hinges


National Barn Door Hardware

TAB-LOC™ patented all steel sliding door frame systems allow one man assembly in only 10 minutes.

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Abbey GateMate Hardware

One of the largest selection of wood gate hardware in the United States, Abbey offers exclusive products. Gate Hinges and Gate Latches in any style you desire, from antique, to traditional, to main stream standard T-hinges and gate hinges available in broad size range up to 48”. .

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gatemate-gate-latches  Gate Latches

gatemate-antique-hardware  Antique Hardware

gatemate-door-hardware  Door Hardware

gatemate-gate-hinges  Gate Hinges

gatemate-door-bolts  Door Bolts

gatemate-handles  Gate Handles

Adjust-a Gate Metal Gate Frames

Steel Gate Frames premade for ease of building a wood gate. Kits expand up to 8′ for an exact fit. All hardware included.

Ready Gate Kit

gatemate-ready-gate-kitThis kit works for gates 25” to 72”, includes four right angle corner braces, two 4” butt hinges, one 2” auto latch, and all mounting hardware.


Agave Ironworks

Agave Ironworks produces hand-pounded iron décor for doors, gates, garage doors and shutters. Discounts Available off ALL Agave List Pricing.

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agave-speak-easy-grills  Speak Easy Grills

agave-handles  Handles

agave-door-knockers  Door Knockers

agave-decorative-claves  Decorative Clavos

agave-hinge-straps  Hinge Straps


Agave High Quality Barn Door Hardware

Money and time saving “KITS” include everything you need for a complete installation in 5′, 6′, 7′ or 8′ track lengths, and four styles.

Download the Agave Ironworks Barn Hardware Brochure >



Coastal Bronze

Coastal Bronze provides a reliable and cost effective source for solid bronze hardware for restorations in rustic old world designs for coastal areas and rustic settings.

Download the Coastal Bronze Catalog Part 1 >

Download the Coastal Bronze Catalog Part 2 >

costal-bronze-hardware  Bronze Hardware

costal-bronze-gate-kit  Bronze Gate Kits

coastal-bronze-gate-latch  Bronze Gate Latch

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Don’t Forget:

Irwin Drill Bits, Chalk Lines

Bits available for concrete and wood. Auger bits and Spade Bits are also in stock.


Stanley Hand Tools

From tape Measures to Demolition bars J&W Lumber has the Stanley tool you need.