Landscape Lighting

Brightening up Your Backyard

trex_logoDisplay your home and landscaping beauty with the luminous glow of LED lighting. Trex Landscape Lighting is manufactured in the US and is available in four styles of lighting for a seamless integration with its surroundings. Trex landscape lights are easily set up and adjustable with the Trex LightHub connection system. Trex’s spotlights, path lights, and well lights can showcase the beauty of your outdoor space.

deck-landscape-lightingWell lights illuminate bushes, foliage, and small structures are held in place by a removable spike, allow for easy customizing.

Path lights provide ambient lighting for walkways and complement the surrounding decor because of the two classic designs available.

Using up-to-date LED technology, spotlights provide a centralized light with a demure head, which by design virtually disappear if not in use.

Multifunction lights illumination can provide a focused light for buildings, trees, and pathways. With a 140° swivel head, you can have a unique look for the setting of your choice.

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Searching for the lighting which will showcase your home? Highpoint’s landscape lights, which are professional grade, are reasonably priced, made of materials like copper and brass, and designed to have a clean look and alluring style. Highpoint offers a wide selection of designs under four categories:

Up LightingPathwayUnderwater LightsSurface Lights

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