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simpson-strong-tie-logoSimpson Z-max Connectors

There are more than a million decks built or replaced every year. This number is contributing to a growing amount of decks failing and has the building industry concerned about proper installation. Ensuring that your deck is properly built with the right connectors will create a structure that will last. All of our stocked connectors are Z-max or hot dipped galvanized to prevent corrosion when used outdoors.

J&W Lumber stocks all of the wood construction connectors to complete a safe and lasting deck, patio cover, or fence install. Together with Simpson Strong-Tie we have the solutions to all of these common connections and more:


Ledger Attachment

The connection where the deck or patio cover connects to the house is called a ledger. The ledger is the most common point of failure on the structure. It is critical to attach the ledger to the house with lag screws (SDS) or by using through bolts. Never attach a ledger with nails or screws.




Hangers should be used to attach every joist to the ledger. We offer hangers that can accommodate any angle/ joist size to ensure solid connections. We recommend using Simpson’s SD screws for fastening hangers to the lumber.



Using a joist to beam connector can minimize movement of the structure and ensure a solid connection vs. simply toe nailing or toe screwing. This is a critical, but often neglected, connection.



This connector ensures that the main beam(s) on your structure will not fall off the posts holding it up. We offer several different options that can fit any application.


Railing Post-to-Deck Framing

Weak or wobbly railings are the most common cause of injury on a poorly built deck. Railings need to be properly attached to the perimeter of a deck but this connector also attaches the railing to the floor joist under the deck.



Stair Stringer-to-Deck Framing

This connector ensures proper attachment of the stair stringers to the deck.


Stair Tread-to-Stringer

Using this connector will ensure stair treads are properly and securely attached to the stair stringer, keeping the tread from wobbling when walked on.



Post bases connect posts to a concrete slab or footing. We offer several types of post bases that can fit every application, code requirement, and aesthetics.

Deck Connector System Spec Sheet Deck Connection and Fastening Guide

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simpson-strong-tie-logoArchitectural Connectors

Connections should not always be hidden but accentuated. Using connectors as a design element is the goal of the Simpson Architectural line. This line feature hardware that in the past would have to be custom made with a custom made price tag attached. The architectural line will give you that custom look your looking for.

Architectural-Connectors Architectural-Connectors2 Architectural Connectors-column-base-plate-wooden-structures







OZCO Building Products Anchor, Connectors and Fasteners

OZCO products are heavy duty and high performing so you can “build it like you mean it”


J&W Lumber Stocks OZCO hangers, Connectors and Fasteners as an option for those patio covers or decks were you just want to hardware to stand out. This hardware will add the “beef” look to any project.  Approved to work with pressure treated lumber and meets or exceeds building codes.

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Flex Fence – Louver System

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space!

One simple hardware kit offers endless design & functional solutions! Install the FLEX-Fence Louver System on existing decks, fences, pergolas…or create new projects such as louvered awnings and horizontal fencing – the list is endless:

The FLEX•fence

Standard 4-Foot Kit

Includes :

All fastening hardware
• 2 pieces of 4-foot rails
• 22 Brackets
• 1 Operating Bar
• Easy to follow instruction sheets

FLEX•fence is made from recycled PVC, is U.V. stabilized, and has excellent strength qualities.

FLEX•fence is available in 4 foot standard kits or custom lengths to a maximum of 8 feet, and can be easily sized to meet your needs.



How It Works

  • – Use with 1″ x 6″ boards
  • – Louver hardware installs in minutes
  • – Use on new construction or retrofit existing ones
  • – Vertical or horizontal applications

Installs Easily

  • Simply attach Flex-fence hardware to post or railings
  • Install 1″ x 6″ boards into brackets
  • Add operating bracket

Unlimited Applications

For more ideas go ahead and visit The Official Flex Fence Website.