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HB&G offers the finest in porch products since 1880. Manufacturers of the original PermaCast® fiberglass columns, HB&G continues to lead the industry in offering the most technologically advanced and highest quality synthetic porch columns and porch products on the market.


HB&G PermaCast® Columns

PermaCast columns can be used as front porch support columns or decorative columns and are available in round and square profiles. Round columns can be fluted or plain, tapered or straight.

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Square PermaCast Columns

HB&G PermaCast square columns can be used as porch support columns or decorative columns and are available in a variety of styles, including fluted, plain, applied or recessed panel, and craftsman.


PermaWrap® Column Wrap Columns

HB&G PermaWrap® columns are made from cellular PVC and offer the advantage of being unaffected by moisture and insects, but with the thickness, ease of use and workability of wood. Designed to maintain the appearance of the elegant high-end columns while remaining competitively priced. 

Available in all sizes and styles – square or craftsman – plain, fluted, raised panel and recessed panel, PermaWrap comes with a 25-year warranty. With all these options and benefits, you are certain to find the right detail for your project.

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Wrap ‘n’ Snap Column Wrap® Columns

A patented system for creating maintenance-free, long lasting columns in minutes, Wrap N’ Snap Column Wrap® Columns combine the benefits of cellular PVC with ease of installation. Wrap N’ Snap Column Wrap® Columns are made up of four pre-mitered panels, a temporary tape on the corners, and a snap lock.

Designed for use by professionals or Do-It Yourselfers, Wrap N’ Snap Column Wrap® can be used on new construction or remodeling projects.

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Irwin Drill Bits

Bits available for concrete and wood. Auger bits and Spade Bits are also in stock.


Swanson Measuring Tools

J&W offers the speed square, rafter square or level you will need to have success in calculating and laying out your project.