Trex Custom Curve Bending Service

Customize the shape of your Deck and Railing...

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Stay ahead of the CURVE
Contractors: show your customers how to raise outdoor living to an art-form using the Trex curve service.

At J&W Lumber, our Trex curve machine service uses an innovative heating unit that lets us curve decking, railing and trim. Now you can build decks that literally wrap around virtually any shape or design including Trex curved railing or curved stairs.

What we need and What we promise:

  • As our valued customer you’ll simply need to bring in a template that is no more that 8′ long of the radius you need the boards curved to.
  • The template should be made of a ridged cardboard, masonite, or plywood (needs to be ridged enough for the forming table to be set to).
  • You understand that we can only curve 8’ or shorter boards.
  • J&W will bend the boards to copy the your template. Our promise is that the board will match the template.
  • There are NO refunds and orders must be paid for prior to us doing the work.

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