Get Shady with Patio Covers

Get Shady with Patio Covers

In Southern California, we love the outdoors. With a near-perfect climate and 300-plus days of sun, there is ample opportunity to spend time outside of our homes. But we also love the comfort of home – camping in the woods or desert is great, but you probably don’t want to do it every day.

A combination indoor/outdoor living space – like a patio – gives you the best of both worlds. To get the most of your outdoor space, though, you’ll want a structure overhead. That gorgeous California sunshine – especially if your patio is south facing – can become a bit much on those hot afternoons. Shelter from the elements isn’t the only reason to build a cover for your patio – it will look great and increase the value of your home as well.

Get Inspired

When it comes to building a patio cover, you’re working with an almost blank canvas. Your only limitations are the size of your patio and whatever local zoning laws may apply in your area.

From pergolas to Japanese-inspired Zen gardens to creative combinations of wood and corrugated metal, the options are nearly endless. The more “creative” you get, though, the more time and effort you’ll have to spend searching for the right materials and hardware, designing your blueprint and building your structure. If you have the time and the funds, great. If you don’t, J&W Lumber has got you covered. We offer a variety of customized patio cover “kits” that will provide you with an affordable, beautiful solution without the extensive labor and planning required to do it from scratch.

Get Customized

Patio kits aren’t just Ikea-style, out-of-the-box solutions. Your patio cover should reflect your individual tastes and needs. Our kits are constructed from the ground up, based on your needs and preferences. It’s a process, driven by you. There are plenty of options, from wood type to level of shade.

Get Your Dimensions

The first step in designing your patio cover kit is determining your space. Whether you have a concrete slab, a deck or even a flat space covered by AstroTurf, you should be able to easily determine what you’re working with. That’s the beauty of a patio – the dimensions are easy. Once you have them, you can move on to the fun part – design.

Get Covered

The Southern California sun is almost always shining. With a patio cover, you get to choose just how much of that sun you want to enjoy. From fully open beams to a lattice with 50 percent shade, shade cloth with 70 percent shade, to solid material full coverage, the sun is in your control.  

Get Creative

The basics of patio coverage design are pretty simple – posts and beams. However, there are numerous options for what those posts and beams will look like, from size to cut to materials to stain to hardware. The kits created by J&W Lumber come in three different styles of wood and size, with varying options for hardware and stain. But your design is completely up to you. We can create a custom kit with whatever materials and dimensions you choose. So go out, get inspired and bring your ideas to our staff. We’ll help you create whatever you dream up!

Get Your Materials

The best wood options for patio covers are softwoods – Rough Douglas Fir, Redwood, and Western Red Cedar. These woods are gorgeous, sturdy and insect resistant. Whether you choose a natural finish or a stain, these woods will create the perfect indoor/outdoor space for your home. If you prefer a maintenance-free and long lasting option, Weatherwood patio covers – which come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles – are a great option.

Get Connected

Aside from their functionality of holding together your patio cover, braces and hardware are all about style. J&W Lumber offers four different milling options for braces and a wide variety of hardware ranging from purely functional to classically ornamental. With hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel connectors, you’ll get a stylish solution that stands up to corrosion over time.

Get Your Kit

You’ve chosen your materials, your hardware, and your finish. Now it’s time to put together your kit. J&W Lumber includes everything you need to construct your dream patio cover – pre-milled wood, hardware and project blueprints. We can also add in a stain of your choice and Quickcrete concrete mix to set your patio cover posts. If you’ve designed your own kit with special materials and dimensions, just bring in your plan and list and we’ll get you set up. If you want a predesigned option, we offer three different patio cover kits:

The Coronado: A light, open and airy style that provides both ample sun and ample shade. The Coronado features 4×4 posts with 2×8 wood beams.

The Catalina: Large beams, 4×4 posts and 2×6 fascia give the Catalina a defined, substantial and finished look. The Catalina is our most popular patio cover.

The Capistrano: Heavy beams and rafters with an undeniable architectural flare make the all-timber Capistrano a sturdy and gorgeous addition to your home.

Get to Work!

Your kit is ready to go. Now it’s time to gather some tools and some helpers (offering pizza and beer is a good way to get friends and family on your construction crew) and get to work!

Want to learn more about patio covers? Request a quote or visit one of our showrooms today.

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