Patio Roof Options

Metal & Solid Roof Options for Your Patio Cover

J&W Lumber offers many patio roofing choices for your patio cover or home.


Shade Cloth

You can cut out 70% of the sunlight with shade cloth. A great addition to your patio cover, it allows you to enjoy the light without the sun’s damaging rays. We carry three colors: tan, green, and black in 12′ wide rolls (most projects can be covered with a solid sheet).




Metal Roofs from ASC Building Products

A metal roof from ASC Building Products will protect what’s important to you. This fire rated non-combustible roof with the ability to stand up to extremely  harsh environments results is one of the most durable roofing products available. The superior durability of steel will significantly reduce the cost when factored over the life of your home. DuraTech energy saving Cool Color paint system is available in all residential profiles (excluding Iron Ox). The DuraTech paint system is confidently backed by the ASCBP and comes with a limited-lifetime warranty. This system will protect and beautify homes for many years to come.

asc_skyline metal roof


A variety of colors, limited-lifetime warranty, and easy installation makes this 26-gauge panel the top choice for beauty and performance for homeowners.

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Delta Rib

Three-foot-wide panels and through-fastening means less material and reduced installation time, resulting in money saved.

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2 1/2″ Corrugated

A wide 24″ corrugated panel for a roof or wall gives homeowners the traditional look of homes dotting the countryside.

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Strata Rib

Wide 36″ coverage and 3/4″ high reinforced ribs result in less water infiltration and easy installation.

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Iron Ox Corrugated

If you’re looking for the historic corrugated roof or wall look, the 22-gauge, 32″ wide panel is designed to naturally rust.

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Country Rustic

Want the immediate look of rusted metal? Then the Zincalume® steel panel is the answer. Available as a 7/8″ corrugated panel in 26-guage steel (28″ wide).

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MaxiTILE-LogoA durable fiber cement roofing option, MAXITILE products are backed by a 50-year transterrable warranty. With such a warranty, homeowners can rest assured that they made a smart investments and can enjoy the benefits of MAXITILE’s advanced fiber cement engineering.



A classic Spanish profile at an affordable price. MAXITILE P10 is easy to install, saving you money on labor.



SLATELITE  is a fiber cement version of real slate. These synthetic panels minimize labor and time on a project, saving you money.

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Materials for roof underlayment

In addition to a great cover design we stock plywood, t1-11 and tongue and groove material for your roof substructure. We also stock 30# roof felt in every yard.


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Don’t Forget


Irwin Drill Bits

Bits available for concrete and wood. Auger bits and Spade Bits are also in stock.


Swanson Measuring Tools

J&W offers the speed square, rafter square or level you will need to have success in calculating and laying out your project.