Mill Operator

Title: Mill Operator

Position: Wage Non-Exempt

SUMMARY: This position requires knowledge of milling equipment and the characteristics of different lumber species


  • Provide Outstanding Customer Service
  • Review milling orders with office personnel.
  • Complete milling according to orders, ensuring accuracy and quality.
  • Keep Sales Team informed of status of orders.
  • Maintain operational condition of milling equipment.
  • Maintain milling area in a clean organized manner.
  • Remove lumber from units and place boards in rack, according to grade and length using upgrading techniques.
  • Remove defective and/or damaged lumber from racks for cut-back.
  • Assist customer with loading of lumber.
  • Count and write up orders after loading customer.
  • Maintain good working relationship with customers, fellow employees and upper management.
  • Maintain the appearance of the yard and racks in an orderly and clean manner focusing on his area.
  • Perform all duties in a safe manner.
  • Miscellaneous duties as assigned.


  • Knowledge of Redwood, Cedar and Doug Fir lumber grades and uses.
  • Knowledge of saws and their safe use.
  • Able to accurately communicate with customers and team members.
  • Knowledge and methods of maintaining the racks/stacks.
  • Able to lift up to 90lbs.

SUPERVISORY DIRECTION NEEDED: This position requires constant supervision.